Jeff Koons Is Now and Again


Jeff Koons kicked off the art world's biggest week in London (Frieze) with the opening of his show at Almine Rech in London and their wonderful Jade invited me along to see the space. An opening success with a queue running round the block. Bloggers and art darlings (viewing art through their iPhones) were out in force. Relatives of Picasso were also in attendance. 

For those of you who don't visit art galleries regularly, this one is small, cosy, polite and completely free to enter. Don't be put off by the lack of obvious entrance or sign above the door (there isn't one) and don't be threatened by the stuffy Mayfair vibe, they're very welcoming once you get through the door. On entrance you'll be greeted by a suited and booted security guard then again by the gallery girls hiding behind the desk, where you can collect some information to read more about Jeff and the artwork. You'll have to leave your bag here. 

When in the space, you'll see paintings from Jeff's "Gazing Ball" series. A painting per wall form the back drop for two huge metal works entitled Ballerinas (2014) and Seated Ballerinas (2015). Most of Jeff's work is about life and death and being able to view yourself within it. It's become very popular over the past couple of years. The gazing balls and shiny surfaces much like the hugely Instagram-able Balloon Monkey(blue) at Newport Street Gallery will help you achieve this. Phones out! Photography is allowed. 

FYI - The gallery ask that you don't touch the artworks. His paintings sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds and damage easily. None of which are painted by the artist himself but his handy team of assistants in New York.

The gallery sell a number of Koons designed home accessories from £400 and upwards and a beautiful blue gazing ball book for £27. The show runs until the 21st of January next year, so make sure you pop in when you’re next in town!