Auc Art: Made For The Believers

As a passionate fan of contemporary art, art tech businesses and the emerging art market I can’t express how excited to see the birth of this new business this evening, which I’m sure will be a roaring success. Have a watch of the teaser below. 

AucArt is the world's first online auction house specialising in early career contemporary art and allows people from outside the art market access to the inside. They’re also the only platform to specialise in contemporary art produced by artists in their final year BA/MA up until three years out of art school with our team having visited the UK’s top art schools and selected the most promising graduate artists work.

Having launched my own business Emerge Art (an online platform selling and promoting the work of newly graduated artists, sourced directly from art schools across the UK) I entirely understand this need for artists to gain exposure and confidence in what they do, and for consumer/collectors to receive something of absolute value, with regard to not only the artwork but the artist who they’ll be investing in and able to watch grow and develop.

AucArt seeks to reinvent the traditional ‘auction house’ and connect early career artists directly with collectors, who in turn benefit from equal opportunity to purchase all art- works. Clients can purchase work before it begins to appreciate; by investing in artists early on in their career with unprecedented access, to the most current and fast growing artist network.

Natasha Auc Art

Kings College educated founder Natasha Arselan is backed by a strong and diverse board of advisors including Svetlana Marich, the Deputy Chairman of Phillips Auction House as well as Fiona McGovern the director of Alison Jacques Gallery and Dylan Jones OBE, Author & Editor-in- chief at GQ.

Auc Art is now live at, please head on over to sign up and see their first auction catalogue. You can follow them on Instagram at

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