Cornelia Parker Election Artist Works to be Unveiled at Westminster

  ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

 ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

Cornelia Parker: Election Artist Works Unveiled

IPU Room, Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster, London

From 5 February until Spring 2018

Free to attend; requires advance booking

Cornelia Parker OBE RA,best known for her large-scale installations, was commissioned to develop a series of works in response to the 2017 General Election.

The UK's first ever female Election Artist, Cornelia has produced pieces for the Parliamentary Art Collection which are intended to reflect the tone and mood of this unique snap election. The artworks consist of two artists' films, entitledLeft Right & CentreandElection Abstractand a series of 14 photographic prints selected from her Instagram feed and taken while she was following the campaign trail.

During the election campaign, Cornelia observed first hand a wide range of events across the United Kingdom including manifesto launches, protests, marches and televised debates. She met with voters and candidates across the country, witnessed an election count and attended the State Opening of Parliament. Her Instagram account (@electionartist2017) became her 'sketchbook' for candidly capturing the essence of the snap election.

Cornelia Parker's election artworks will be on public display in Westminster Hall fromthe 5th February untilearly Spring. As an important addition to the Contemporary Collection, her election artworks will then be placed on permanent public display in a prominent location in Portcullis House.