10 Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

You’re probably already following a bunch of fab artists on Instagram, if you're not following the ten below then you've missed a trick. Scroll down to see some of the best artists on Instagram at the moment and click the links to head to their grams.

10. Nettie Wakefield
@nettiedraws 9.1k Followers

john bingham nettie wakefield


9. Konrad Wyrebek
@konradwyrebek 3.9k Followers



8. Olivia Kemp
@livvykemp 44.9k Followers



7. Charlotte Edey
@edey_ 10.3k Followers



6. Juno Calypso
@junocalypso 85.8k Followers



5. Georgina Clapham
@georginafclapham 634 Followers

john bingham georgina clapham


4. Thrush Holmes
@thrush_holmes 19.2k Followers



3. Alma Haser
@almahaser 21.3k Followers

alma haser john bingham


2. Oli Epp
@oli.epp 8.6k Followers

oli epp john bingham


1. Pablo Tomek
@pablotomek 23.4k Followers

pablo tome john bingham
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