Conrad Shawcross at Frieze Sculpture Park

Selected by Clare Lilley, Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Frieze Sculpture (4 July–7 October 2018) features works by 25 contemporary and modern artists in Regent's Park.

Conrad Shawcross has created a new work, titled Optic Labyrinth (Arrangement I), 2018.


Taking the form of a simple immersive maze, the work engages with the sun and its shifting position throughout the day and the seasons, focusing specifically on how people navigate and orientate themselves both emotionally and physically in relation to its rise and fall. 

Through the breadth of human history people have used the sky as a navigation tool, with the sun’s light providing a particular ray of hope – representing clarity of vision, growth, and transformation. Likewise, the labyrinth has remained as potent a symbol and subject today as it did in Ancient Greece. Shifting with the sun through the days and seasons, Optic Labyrinth (Arrangement I) thus acts as a modern take on standing stones and henges; these abstract yet purposeful relics still elicit questions as to their ultimate meaning and purpose, their riddle still not unravelled.