Gallery 46 And a Female Cast

As a champion for the emerging artist, I love finding those hidden exhibitions tucked away in London’s pockets. When the press release mentioned “familiar spaces” and “Georgian house”, I was through the front door straight to the cupboard under the stairs.

Gallery 46 is the sister gallery of Londonnewcastle Project Space, which has been established through the partnership of Martin J Tickner and Sean McLusky. Its set over 3 floors and 8 rooms and is a kaleidoscopic addition to Whitechapel’s burgeoning gallery scene and close by its artistic heart, the Whitechapel Gallery.

This exhibition of 7 female artists spirals up and down a double Georgian house in Whitechapel with paintings, sculpture and video art filling all the rooms, nooks and spaces. It’s a well curated space with a natural flow and makes the most of this charming higgledy-piggledy building. In some parts I was more impressed by the wooden floor boards and interior detail, but the artwork shone through and pokes fun at these little obscurities by bringing them to life. The show is all about the familiar, the known, fragments of space and the body within spaces.

The artists include Sara Berman, Laura Davis, Lauren Coullard, Silia Ka Tung, Paula Kamps, Lee Matthews and Carali McCall. Click on their names above and head straight to their websites to see more of their work and where they’re heading next!