Dominic Dispirito: Human, The Machine and 3D Printing

I caught up with the increasingly sought after artist Dominic Dispirito to see what he’s been up to since graduating, his current show at The Dot Project and where you'll be able to see his work next.


You came to the attention of many this year after graduating from MFA Painting at The Slade School of Fine Art, there was certainly a buzz around you. How satisfied were you with the outcome of your works produced for this show?

I was definitely satisfied with the overall installation of the show, I think I done a really good job considering I'd only been painting this way 3 months prior to the degree show. I was a good boy and listened to my tutors suggestions to use my time at the slade to experiment with different ways of working, I must of gone through the whole of the history of art during the two years.


Your vibrant show ‘Candy’ with Cristina BanBan opened at The Dot Project quite recently. Tell us more about the works on show and how the both of you came together for this. 

I'm interested in contemporary technologies and their sociological impact, the relationship between human and machine and the vurtual world and the real world. All of my works start off with using apps on my I phone. I make digital studies and animations which then become the basis for paintings on canvas where I mimic the textures and the colours that you find on a screen. I'm also showing a sculpture which i made with a 3d printing pen.

The subject matter of the works on show at the dot project are really personal, they come from my experience of alcoholism and drug addiction. I was also responding to the space in the gallery, my work is in the basement and the floor is quite uneven etc, it reminded me of the council estate I was brought up on, so then I started to think about my childhood, hanging out with my mates in the park getting drunk etc.  For the animation I used a poem that I wrote when I was 18 years old, people keep asking me what the character in the animation is saying as I distorted the sound so that people would have to try hard to listen. The poem is about an encounter with Pete Doherty, after watching him break into his own flat and then proceeding to break in myself (I was obsessed with the libertines as a teenager).

The lyrics are:

His ash stained fingers told stories, 

painted pictures

Were the highs really worth,

This man soiled with dirt

Life in ruins, from his own doings,

Many people were hurt

If you tie yourself with string, you tie yourself with trouble

Those bridges that you've built will all turn to rubble

Your in trouble now

Deep trouble

Your in trouble. 

Frieze week is always very exciting and probably the most inspiring week of the year for us artists. What stood out for you the most this year? 

Well I think frieze is a shop in a tent basically, I prefer going to shows. Something which is intended to give the audience an experience rather than a commodity. Having said that, I think that art fairs are important as this is where artists and galleries make most of their money, and we need money to make more work.

My favourite artists there were Jeff Elrod and Christopher wool as they have similar interests to me. 

Have you got any other exhibitions planned for the remainder of this year?

I've got a show coming up at Annka Kultys gallery in January.

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