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Robert Szot: Painting & Problem Solving

“When I came to New York City I knew nothing. Nothing about being an artist, nothing about selling or exhibiting, really nothing. This isn't unusual because I believe a lot of people come here thinking one thing and finding something else entirely. It was this air of uncertainty that would lead me to chase every lead and say 'yes' to every request and inquiry. Fortunately I haven't had a lot of bad experiences especially when it came to galleries but it wasn't because I knew what the hell I was doing. And there is an important lesson here, and that lesson is to say 'no' to things that don't work for you.”

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Fabian Treiber: The Structure of Memory and Interior Narratives

“When I look back at my work from past few years, I would say, that it was nearly a natural consequence, regarding the vocabulary I use, to focus on the simple things – the common things. Things which are surrounding me but, as you were saying right, things and spaces which you would inhabit as well. Just to remind them painterly.

I do believe, that there’s a special sort of common sense in this vocabulary and therefor it’s necessary to have a closer look on the feelings which we relate to these things.”

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