Barry Reigate's Do Zombies Dance to Love in C Minor?

The works were fantastically chaotic yet clean-cut and highly addictive. Barry Reigate’s exhibition at Castor Projects happened last month and it is still on my mind, so I’d like you to join me in taking another look.

Being a big fan of art that belongs to multiple categories and that which can’t be defined by one specifically, perhaps this is the reason I’m so drawn to these new works.

I was introduced to Barry’s work in late 2011 by critic and gallerist Nick Hackworth, after being asked to work on his solo show ‘Equation’. A show I remember for its slick precision that looked as though paintings and sculptures had been born from a series of small delightfully minimal, geometric works on paper. It was playful, serious and very well made. A lot like this latest offering.

With probably the best exhibition title you’ll find this year (alongside Ashley Bickerton’s upcoming) It became the first exhibition in Castor Projects’ new space, a petite and perfectly formed gallery run by gallerist Andy Wicks in London’s Deptford.


The works were created entirely with an airbrush on canvas and appear to sit somewhere between digital and the act of doodling. For me, they hover between drawing and painting, yet I deny them of the latter title for their flatness and lack of the depth, which is different to that of a ‘painting’. The subject matter however, lacks nothing and is full of fun.

Free and playful yet confined, in both the work itself and the gallery space, these canvases feature forceful and determined sections of bold bright orange colour alongside a black and white palette, with the wall installation helping one to feel closer to the action. The size of the space helped with this too, being able to view the entire show from the entrance then feeling very much ‘inside’ the work. 

This gallery is an absolute gem and with the quality being as high as it was for this show, I assure you Castor’s future exhibitions are going to be something that you’ll have to see. 


Enclave 8
50 Resolution Way
London, SE8 4AL